This is the private blog of Bernd Schoeller. As a personal blog, I will post whatever I consider interesting.

I am a software engineer, currently located in London. I write trading software.

I hold a PhD from ETH Zürich in Software Engineering. My supervisor was Bertrand Meyer, inventor of the Eiffel programming language. My thesis was about specification and verification of contracts, and the related frame problem.

My main interests are programming languages and paradigms, specially the object-oriented programming paradigm and modern software development technologies.

I am always interested in constructive feedback. If you want to send me an e-mail, please write to ‘bernd@…’, where … is my domain name (without the ‘blog.’ in front). Sorry, a bit verbose to avoid web crawlers searching for e-mail addresses to spam.

All opinions are my own. Linking does no mean endorsement.

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